Senior Partners


The senior partners of Weston & Swinger Media Holdings Inc. have a combined 60 years of experience in music, entertainment, marketing and business administration.

Rodrick Weston, President: is a music and entertainment producer, promoter, distributor, finance consultant and executive producer. He is President of Weston + Swinger Holdings Inc. and Hot Trackz Entertainment. His career as a music and entertainment veteran spans 30 years.


He spent his early years as a young pioneering business entrepreneur in the early stages of the Hip-Hop and Urban Music industry. Born in Brooklyn, New York he grew up with some of Hip Hop's legends and got his start in the music and the film Industry working alongside his long time colleague and friend Michael Swinger.


As a consultant, Rodrick works closely with clients ensuring the company produces flawless execution for all clients. He works with all of the multidisciplinary divisions to set strategies for each project. Rodrick has solid leadership experience in strategic planning, finance and brand management and has a proven track record of creating opportunities to expand a clients vision for a stronger forecast for ROIs.


Over the 30 year span of his career Rodrick focused on TV and Film projects for some of the top recording artists like R&B group Brownstone, Tyrese, Aaron Hall, Damien Hall, Guy, Heavy D and The Boys, Bad Boy label artist Total and R&B Group 7 Mile.


Weston's  most recent partnerships include working along side 40 Acres and a Mule Director Spike Lee as marketing consultant for his upcoming project "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus" and 8 other titles from Spike Lee. He also consulted on casting for the New! 2016 NBA Video Game.


With the rise of the indie & digital music market, Weston and Swinger partnered to launch the boutique agency Hot Trackz Entertainment which has gained international notoriety in the arena of Artist Development, Music Production, Project Management, A&R, Radio Promotions, Film Soundtrack Production, Branding/Identity Coordination, Casting and Product Placement/Marketing.


Working alongside his long time industry colleague and friend Michael Swinger, they have created partnerships on various productions from music, film and Live events. Together, they formed Weston + Swinger Media Holdings which specializes in building brands, increasing the value and bridging the gap for their clients.


"Holding fast our belief that perseverance and the will to finish what we start is why we have maintained our reputation to submit quality projects. We have produced successful submissions for film soundtracks, TV projects, product placement and digital radio because of our work ethic." says Weston.