Meet The 360 Team


Weston & Swinger Media Holdings Inc. is a New York based white label firm that partners with clients to strategically develop and create opportunities to increase the value of their brand. Weston & Swinger ensures that the clients brand is properly fit to yeild a promising forecast for strong ROI. At Weston & Swinger we manage business development strategies working with individual creative industry professionals, venture capitalist, local and national brands. 


The senior partners of Weston & Swinger Media Holdings Inc. have a combined 60 years of experience in entertainment marketing and business administration. Their extensive experience and resources gives them the ability to apply their expertise with a 360 approach.


Michael Swinger

30 years of extensive experience as an Executive in the entertainment, music and  business management industry.


30 years of experience in marketing and business administration for corporate and private clients.



Rodrick Weston